boy standing on sand near sea
boy standing on sand near sea


Before offering education that focuses on school related skills, we attach great importance to the development of children's personalities. Creating the foundation for a resilient, healthy and balanced personality is found in early childhood.

We pay much attention to connection. Connection with oneself, with nature, with healthy food and with others. We believe that a learning process can only begin when a child feels safe to be himself and feels loved by his environment. Children have a lot of freedom to make their own decisions within an established framework of norms and values.

From that starting point we work with monthly projects that enrich children in all kinds of fields. They choose the learning material with which they play and work. The space is designed in such a way that the material they choose is always appropriate for their age. Toys and learning materials are of high quality and often made from sustainable materials.

The education of children who are preparing for primary school is intertwined in the projects and is always given with materials based on Montessori pedagogy. Based on the observation of each child, we offer new materials and make adjustments when necessary. We always keep an eye on your child's development to make sure they are well prepared for the next phase.

EDUCATION based on MONTESSORI pedagogy


En KinderGarden Tenerife we ​​believe in the ability to teach the children a healthy lifestyle. Choosing nutritious and delicious foods is the foundation of healthy body awareness. In addition, valuing your body and your health is one of the basic elements to create high self-esteem.

We consciously choose to safely involve children in the preparation of our meals. We make children aware of the colors, shapes and smells of food during cooking.

Our meals always contain at least 5 types of vegetables and enough protein for growing children. We prepare the food fresh every day and do not use canned food or sugar. We always offer a vegetarian option and our food is lactose free.

When we sit at the table, we eat in peace and we eat consciously. So the moments of eating are also moments of rest and gratitude.


two children standing near cliff watching on ocean at daytime
two children standing near cliff watching on ocean at daytime

We are the happiest KinderGarden in the world for being next to the beach. And we are taking advantage of this! In general we go to the beach every week.

We also have an electric cargo bike with space for 7 children. With this bike (EU approved safety standard) we go on bígaros adventures.

We organize excursions to playgrounds or places related to the current project. No worries though, we always ask parents for permission in advance and always inform where we are going.


At KinderGarden Tenerife we ​​believe in mutual respect and mutual trust.

KinderGarden Tenerife has been developed from the point of view of the traveling, hardworking and adventurous parent. That is why at KinderGarden Tenerife you are not tied to annual contracts or unfair extra costs.

We offer the option to pay by the hour and only pay for the hours used. On the other hand, we expect a cancellation if you don't attend so we can fill the hours with other kids who want to come play. Together we make flexibility possible.

Are you looking for an affordable, long-term Montessori daycare? At KinderGarden Tenerife you can also choose a monthly package based on your needs. With fair prices without unexpected extra costs, we try to be accessible to everyone.

Contact us for more information on prices and options. We are happy to talk to you.

a group of people holding hands on top of a tree
a group of people holding hands on top of a tree